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Michelle Law

Blending strategic insight, M&A expertise and T1D advocacy

With over two decades of experience leading strategy and M&A initiatives both in the UK and abroad, I've taken my passion for helping businesses grow into independent consultancy.

I work closely with owner-managed businesses, startups, private equity-backed firms and C-suite executives across sectors, helping them navigate their unique challenges and seize opportunities for success. My consultancy work is further fuelled by a personal commitment to type 1 diabetes advocacy and a deep engagement with the sector. 

Find out more about me here.

M&A Advisory

Navigating M&A can be complex, whether you're buying or selling. With my hands-on support, I guide you through every step of the process, making it smoother and more manageable so you can focus on your day job.


As a former Director of M&A with 40 successful acquisitions under my belt, I'm well placed to help you achieve your M&A goals, optimising value while minimizing risk.

Strategic planning

Even without a full-time "strategy person", your company can still achieve clarity and direction. I offer tailored strategic planning services to help you map out your company's future, identify measurable objectives, explore growth opportunities, and analyse the competition. My expertise and hands-on approach not only turn your strategic vision into an actionable plan, but also ensure it's a plan that inspires alignment, drives performance, and delivers results.

Strategic communications

Creating compelling narratives for CEOs and executive teams, I transform your raw ideas into polished and engaging business plans, board presentations, investor updates and fundraising pitches. My efficient approach has been honed through writing thousands of presentations. You can focus on leading your business while I handle the storytelling.

Type 1 Diabetes Advocacy

I write about life with Type 1 Diabetes, sharing my personal experiences to provide support, share information and contribute to a global dialogue. I'm also an active member of the diabetes online community which offers peer support, information, advocacy and humour.

To find out more follow me on Twitter or read my writing. 

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