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  • Michelle Law

Acquisition completion: sale of South West Geotechnical to Phenna Group

I was very pleased to advise the sellers of South West Geotechnical Limited on the sale of their business to Phenna Group Holdings Limited which completed on 31 July 2023.

The formal announcement of the acquisition can be found here.

Completed Acquisition: advised on the sale of South West Geotechnical Limited to Phenna Group Holdings Limited, July 2023

As a solo operator, I managed the entire transaction process on behalf of the sellers:

  • Sale Preparation: Developed the sale strategy and documentation and prepared the dataroom.

  • Buyer outreach: Conducted extensive buyer research and outreach to identify and engage potential acquirers.

  • Negotiations: Led all commercial negotiations on behalf of the sellers.

  • Transaction support and completion: Coordinated with legal and accountancy teams to support on the due diligence and transaction execution process and successfully close the deal.

Are you thinking about selling your business? Contact me today for an introductory call to discuss how we can achieve the best outcome for your sale.


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